Is it possible to make a reservation?

No as we are a casual dining restaurant, thus does not need a reservation service.

Is there a limit as to how many ingredients I can add to the meal?

No! It is only limited to your imagination (and your wallets;).

Do you serve alcohol?

No as we would like this restaurant to be more family-friendly in it's approach to dining :)

Are there any halal aspects to your restaurants?

Yes! While we do serve pork in this restaurant, it is cooked separately from the rest of the meats, and cooked using utensils that have not touched pork at all. All ingredients, excluding pork are from halal sources, thus is safe for Muslims to eat with friends without feeling guilty.

Does this place accept NETS?

Yes! LunchLab accept NETs, as well as all types of Credit Cards, including Visa, Mastercard and Amex. We of course accept cash as well!

Is the place clean?

Yes, it has passed multiple hygiene inspections over the past few years with flying colours and will pledge to keep the place as clean as possible for the best dining experience possible!

Are there vegetarian options?

Of course! While we do serve meat, we can also make vegetable dishes depending on your personal preferences.

How will you accommodate people with food allergies?

When ordering your food, there will be a a section where you can specify a specific food allergens, and we will cook accordingly. There is a section of the kitchen dedicated to cooking without ingredients with common allergens, thus you should be free of any allergic reactions